Looking for the best Supermetrics alternative?

Are you tired of messing around in messy spreadsheets to aggregate the data that you need? Or maybe you're just looking for a (much) cheaper Supermetrics alternative? Well, in any case: Calypsus is just what you need.

Built by marketers that wanted something better than the existing solutions.
We know what you hate about other reporting software. That's why we're different.

4 reasons smart marketers use calypsus

Easy to use

Unlike Supermetrics, we provide a super intuitive web interface where you can build your reports. No more need to update complex queries in spreadsheets.

No vendor lock-in

We help you to segment the data exactly as you want. After that, you can export to the most popular formats.


No manual refreshes or updating queries. Your reports are always up-to-date thanks to our realtime syncing.

World-class support

Unlike our competitors, we have real digital marketing experts that will help you with any question you might have.

How does it work?



No super complicated wizardry. You can easily connect your favorite online advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Ads, Google Analytics & Linkedin with just 1 click.


By connecting you Google Analytics account, you’ll finally be able to connect all pre-click & post-click data in 1 single report, without any hassle. That closed loop reporting you’ve always wanted? Now it’s possible.


Typically you’ll want to segment your metrics for them to be meaningful. We help you to do exactly that. Easy to interpret reports and nice visualizations.


Exporting & sharing reports and insights should be easy. We offer XLS, CSV, TSV and PDF export possibilities. Or just share a unique private link with colleagues or customers.

license fee


Other plans

Plans for businesses of every size.


Average monthly ad spend is above €100.000
Including all features.

for a custom offer
Frequently Asked Questions

In case you might be wondering…

Will you be adding other advertising platforms?

Yes, we will be adding more platforms in the next weeks and months, prioritized by the requests of our customers

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No, we don’t require any credit card upfront. Only when you decide to onboard on one of the paid plans.

Will I be charged automatically after the free trial?

No. You are free to try out the platform for 14 days. After that it’s up to you to decide if you want to onboard on one of our paid plans. Our paid plans are opt-in, not opt-out. We’re not that kind of company.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Absolutely. Please be sure to let us know why the tool wasn’t what you expected. We’d like to keep on improving.

Do you offer special rates for large agencies?

Yes, drop us an email at info@calypsus.io and we’ll work something out.

I have another question?

You can contact us with additional questions or partnership requests at info@calypsus.io. We’ll reply blazingly fast.

Built by marketers, for marketers.

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